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Try not to take naps that are too long. Power naps are usually 20 30 minutes. Anything longer then that will send Mini Kelly Hermes Bag your body into a deeper sleep, therefore, making you feel more groggy when you wake up.

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figure it out by trial and error. If I practice tai chi or qigong for a few minutes it leaves me feeling energized. Meditation gives me more energy but not right away. Mostly it improves the quality of sleep so I have more energy. You could replace your nap with exercise or meditation. Even if you don practicing relaxation exercises would provide you with a lot more energy. As a side effect you may wake up an hour or two earlier everyday. I had to start going to bed later so I would not wake up too early.

I also have the same problems with naps. I feel so much better after I don naps completely. I could nap forever. But the problem is, I get so tired and feel like I need more naps when I wake up. As a result, I can sleep at night. So,I get rid of naps completely and just try to stay awake from doing yoga, shower, going out for a walk when it nice out, etc. It works out a lot better because as soon as I hit the bed,I fall asleep right away so when the alarm goes off, I am ready to get up. Power naps are supposed to be like 10 minutes or something but It can never work for me.

Also, according to a study, if you drink caffeine and then take a power nap immediately afterward, you will feel a lot more refreshed. The reason for this is because it takes about 20 minutes before your body responds to the caffeine. so by the time you wake from your nap, you be getting a boost of energy from both your nap and the caffeine! :)

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

How do I feel more awake after a nap

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Should any person of any age take a hour nap during the day and will this hurt them or help people that do this ? I like to nap but dont have a lot of time but i feel bad when i get up is this hurting me.

Cant stay awake?. As such I realized long ago that napping Hermes Constance Bag Colors

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

I would suggest a better diet (more fruits Hermes Epsom Kelly Mini Bag

So even though I wake up a little groggy, I still find the nap beneficial since I end up feeling more awake and alert once I get up and start moving around.

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The thing with this is that you can not really know how long your sleep cycle takes you need to Hermes Birkin Small Bag

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

and vegetables) and less of anything unhealthy that you may be consuming which could also be responsible for the draining feeling overall. 90 minutes on average is the duration of a sleep cycle. If you are on your heavy sleep cycle you will wake up feeling bad. If you are on the light part pf your sleep cycle the opposite will happen.

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

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Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

You feel more awake by doing things that provide you with more energy. Sleeping only makes you feel refreshed when you spend a significant amount of time in deep sleep. During your naps you are not spending enough time in deep sleep so you feel groggy. Being asleep is not enough. When I wake up, I force myself to get up and start moving around again. I find that this helps a lot since I not just sitting there.

Mini Kelly Hermes Bag

simply was not going to work for me and have not taken a nap for years. Even if I am home sick I try to stay sitting up and awake because if I snooze I will feel worse. I think this is just the way some people are.

Once I up and on my feet, I start feeling much better very quickly and that usually when my second wind kicks in.

Perhaps the napping is also causing you to have problems sleeping at night, and as such contributing to a cycle where you feel like you need a nap.

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