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That's the cold hard truth and as Dr. Alexander explains, the new guidelines are laid out to lasso a larger group of Hermes Garden Party

he added.

to take as a precaution.

How High is Your Cholesterol

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Hermes Black Backpack

"Heart disease, number one killer in men and women," Dr. Alexander said.

"You enter you age, your race, whether or not you smoke, the presence or absence of blood Hermes Black Backpack pressure and then you'll have your cholesterol levels and can actually gauge your risk," Dr. Alexander said.

people to be aware of there cholesterol levels.

Lipitor and Pravacol, are generic brands that can be store bought. Dr. Alexander says some people worry about side effects that can sometimes be worse than problem at hand. He says studys show taking the statins will prevent a bigger issue.

How High is Your Cholesterol? Time to Check

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Hermes Black Backpack

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Now, for the first time in a decade, new guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology will determine who those people should be. Cardiologist, Thomas Alexander, says the new guidelines will apply to millions of patients.

If your risk of having high cholesterol is estimated at 7.5 or higher physicians recommend getting on statins. Dr. Alexander says most patients wait too long to get a check up.

Under the new guidelines, is a new formula that determines cholesterol levels based on personal information.

CORPUS CHRISTI Some doctors want a lot more people to start taking cholesterol lowering drugs. All in hopes of preventing heart disease, which is the number one cause of death worldwide.

As many as 44 percent of men and 22 percent of women will now meet the threshold under the new guidelines. Dr. Alexander says, most should check their cholesterol levels just to be safe.

Hermes Black Backpack

"By the time they see me they usually have heart disease," he said.

"Anyone who has had heart disease in the past probably should be on a medication. Anyone who has diabetes should be on medications and people that have cholesterol over 190 probably should be on medication," Hermes Kelly 28 Blue

"There's a concern for liver problems which is rare and also the development of diabetes but the benefits outweigh the risk," Dr. Alexander said.

Hermes Black Backpack

Not just any medication though, statins. A generic medication listed under the guidelines that suggests those cholesterol lowering medications Hermes Kelly Canvas Bag

Hermes Black Backpack

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