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Housing crisis fixes wait on YTG

And in the Yukon there are no minimum rental standards, added task force member Charlotte Hrenchuk.

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is a crisis of large proportions, said anti poverty co chair Bill Thomas.


the government moved forward with these changes, it would do a lot to protect landlord and tenant rights, said anti poverty coalition member Christina Craig.

I should just move away, Hrenchuk overheard her say.

The anti poverty coalition report recommends building Northern City supportive housing facility immediately, so it operational by Hermes Evelyne Medium Size

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Waiting to pay for gas at Tags on her way to media briefing, Hrenchuk heard Hermes Bags Pictures a woman in line in front of her talking about how unaffordable the housing market is in Whitehorse.

The Northern City Housing Supportive Housing Coalition wants to build a 20 unit supportive housing project for Whitehorse homeless, hardcore alcoholics.

With its plans in place, the second stage housing team approached the Women Directorate, its minister Marian Horne, officials at Health Hermes Etain Kelly

But that depends on government support.

The coalition of nonprofits already has architectural plans drawn up for the facility. It found builders willing to do the job for a cut rate, and it has a plan to pay for it.

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With a vacancy rate of less than one per cent, rental rates have skyrocketed.

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and Social Services, the Yukon Housing Corporation, the city and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to lobby for funding.

Hermes Bags Pictures

Hermes Bags Pictures

Hermes Bags Pictures

Five months later, Northern City is still waiting.

In October, the Liberals and NDP tabled a motion in the legislature asking the government to support the coalition efforts and ensure the project is approved.

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Kaushee Place which offers limited housing to victims of violence and often has a long waitlist has had a new second stage housing plan in the works for almost a decade.

In the fall, a select committee reviewed the Yukon aged landlord and tenant act and made a number of recommendations to improve the territory housing situation.

want to make Whitehorse a place people want to stay in, instead of them moving away because they can find an appropriate place to live, said Hrenchuk.

So apartments can be mouldy, leaking, rodent filled, have unsafe wiring and still be on the market for upwards of $1,000 a Hermes Birkin Blue Bag


Hermes Bags Pictures

Currently, supportive housing options are or nonexistent, says the report.

Designed by local architect Jack Kobayashi, the 10 unit apartment building would be classy and utilitarian and would include an open air room for children to play behind a two metre fence.

And there are not enough affordable places to rent.

There also an supply of social housing units, according to the report.

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